The Studio

Located in the heart of Jeannette, Vivid Photography is nestled amongst many antique stores (photographer’s favorite places!) and diagonal from the Jeannette police and fire station. The studio space is over 1500 square feet, newly remodeled, and filled to the brim with props, over 50 backdrops, and accessories for the little clients. The props range from vintage settee couches, crates, fuzzy rugs, necklaces, crowns, headbands, sports equipment... do you get it yet? There are A LOT of options, so use your imagination and don't forget to share your ideas. Working together will create the best artwork for your walls. 

OPTIONS, OPTIONS. Since first birthdays are one of the most popular sessions booked, I am partnered with 3 local bakers to create matching "smash cakes" for our birthday sessions, or of course, any other session you may want a cake for.. On another similar note, banners are a very popular way of dressing up some photos.. but not overdoing it.. and I work with a local crafter, if you will, that can create custom banners just for your session!

And.. don't forget to ask! Promise, I don't bite. If you have questions about themes, clothing to wear, backdrop options, posing, makeup.. I can help you out!