Let's Create Together

Heyyy I am Allison, owner and head photographer at Vivid. I have been an art nerd since the first grade and was also named the class social butterfly by that teacher... obviously my mad social skills started out early.. I love to learn new trades, meet new faces, and of course, I love my pitbull.  

You make the memories, let us capture the moments. The motto now for 6 years.. and still running. The Vivid Photography experience has been labeled as unique, laid back, and worth the while. The goal each session is to create a piece of artwork that embodies your real personality.

I started Vivid with a camera in one hand and a business major in my pocket. I have grown, changed, taught, and keep learning & developing my style each year. I wouldn't change anything in the world as to how Vivid became the brand that it is today!

Fast forward 6 years from that moment I went flying by the seat of my pants.. (can't believe its been this long!), and the goal now is to provide exceptional service, while now adding enhanced products to make your artwork come to life in your home! The main goal of photography is to document your accomplishments.. right? and why do this if you aren't going to showcase them on your walls?! I want you to walk by that hallway full of laughs and milestones and be thankful everyday. So let's create together!